Hand-Made Custom Furniture in Portland, OR



We offer custom tables 
nationwide and the Portland Metro Area 

Discover ADBusch LLC and the high-quality custom tables we regularly produce. We work with our clients to produce ethically crafted pieces that provide a modern look that complements the interior of any home or workplace. 


Custom Tables in Portland, OR


Aaron Busch, owner and founder of ADBusch LLC, is a master furniture designer with over a decade of experience in creating high-end custom tables in Portland. We strive to produce work that passes our rigorous standards for quality in materials and in your final product. With your unique specifications and ideas, we will build a complete one-of-a-kind table for your home or office.


At ADBusch LLC, we’re committed to impacting the environment in a positive way. To avoid contributing to the realities of growing landfills and dwindling forests, we use local reclaimed wood and metal to build our tables. These materials contain all the strength and quality of new wood or metal, with the added benefit of character and being an eco-friendly alternative. We prefer the piece we produce for you to feel unique and possess a material history and life that can be added to /or/ (that can be given a new life).

Types of Tables

The craftsmen at ADBusch LLC use various styles when building tables and other custom pieces of furniture. Our ability to use a combination of materials allows us to craft a variety of unique modern furniture pieces. If you’re a business owner and you want to fill your main conference room with something memorable, we pride ourselves on our history of building large custom wood slab conference tables to stand out in space.

No matter what kind of table you need for your home or workplace, ADBusch LLC can deliver a finished product that’s high-quality, long-lasting, and one-of-a-kind. Check out the work we’ve completed in the past, and contact us today to share your vision for a custom table of your own